dr. joe griffin 
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Dr. Joseph F. Griffin, III MD     
Psychiatry and Addictionology      

Two Office Locations:

Office Hours: Monday AM | Wednesday PM | Friday AM and PM

Dr. Joe Griffin is an experienced general psychiatrist who has practiced in the Atlanta area for many years.  He has extensive experience working with diagnosis clients, and is committed to maintaining clients' rights to confidentiality and privacy.  His offices in Atlanta and Roswell are small and personalized, and geared toward individualized treatment of the most intimate medical and emotional disorders.  Services are offered on a fee-for-service basis, and on a sliding scale for certain fees.

Joe attended Emory University as an undergraduate, a medical student, and a resident, and later served on the faculty at Emory University Medical School for five years.  He has been medical director of numerous addiction treatment centers, most notably S.A.F.E. (Substance Abuse for Free Existence) and D.A.C. (DeKalb Addiction Clinic).

Joe is also now affiliated with Foundations Atlanta in Roswell, GA (part of the Foundations Treatment Network).  Visit 'Services' to learn more about treatment options and services.